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Thomas P. Hodge, Professor of Russian

Thomas Hodge was born and raised in Northern California. He attended Pomona College, where he began studying Russian and played four years of varsity baseball; he earned his B.A. in English Literature there in 1984. Professor Hodge received his B.A. (M.A.) in Russian Language and Literature from Magdalen College, Oxford University, in 1986. He then attended Stanford University, where he specialized in the history of nineteenth-century Russian literature. He earned his Stanford A.M. in 1988 with the thesis On Fedor Ivanovich Tolstoy, "The American," and Russian Literature, was a fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center during 1988-89, and received a Social Science Research Council fellowship in 1990. Living in Moscow during 1990-91, Professor Hodge completed the research for his 1992 Stanford Ph.D. dissertation, Mutatis Mutandis: Poetry of the Russian Romance in the Early Nineteenth-Century Russia, which traced the relationship between Russian vocal music and Russian poetry from 1800 to the 1850s.

On the Russian Department faculty at Wellesley College since the fall of 1992, and frequent Chair of that department since 1994, Hodge has taught first-year Russian language and courses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature in English, and on Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and nineteenth-century poetry in Russian. He co-developed Pesnia music-based language-learning software with student assistants in the early 1990s. In 2001, Professor Hodge co-founded, with Prof. Marianne Moore (Biological Sciences), a field course for Wellesley students at Lake Baikal in Siberia, and has lectured on Baikal at the Smithsonian Institution. Since 2002, Professor Hodge has taught a course on the major works of Tolstoy in English translation every other spring. He received Wellesley's Pinanski Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 1995, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1999, and to Professor in 2007.


Thomas P. Hodge
Thomas P. Hodge

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