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The Syrena Stackpole Award

The Syrena Stackpole Award is given annually in recognition of an alumna's dedicated service and exceptional commitment to Wellesley College.

The award was established in 1982 to honor Syrena Stackpole '09, an attorney who offered to rewrite the wills of alumnae wishing to leave money to the College, free of charge. Besides offering gratis legal services to such alums, Syrena's dedication to Wellesley was evident in her attendance at 63 reunions.

Selection Process
The recipient of the Syrena Stackpole Award, usually a member of a reuning class, is chosen by the executive director in consultation with the Alumnae Board and College administrators.

Award Presentation
The award is presented by the executive director at Annual Meeting in June.

The names of past recipients are displayed in the Alumnae Office.

Staff Contact
For further information, contact WCAA executive director, at 781-283-2331.

Syrena Stackpole Award Recipients

1982 Harriet Segal Cohn '28


Eleanor H. Little '08
1984 Edith Levy Elsas '34
1985 Martha Schwanke Schauss '40
1986 Mildred McAfee Horton
1987 Constance Chick Shepard '47
1988 Class of 1919
1989 Mary Dooley Bragg '40
1990 Nannerl Overholser Keohane '61
1991 Anne Mitchell Morgan '57
1992 Natalie Gordon Stone '38
1993 Harriet B. Creighton '29
1994 Emiko Ishiguro Nishino '45
1995 Peter Ramsey
1996 Phyllis Meras '53
1997 Elisabeth Kaiser Davis '32
1998 Nardi Reeder Campion '38
1999 Amalie Moses Kass '49
2000 Mary Ellen Crawford Ames '40
2001 Mary Sime West '26
2002 Janice Lane Hunt '52
2003 Georgia Sue Herberger Black '58
2004 Hilda Crosby Standish '24
2004 Marion Eddy Wheeler '24
2005 Nancy Foshay Braitmayer '55
2006 Katherine Curtis Rigler '61
2007 Alice Rigby Chase '32
2008 Kathryn Wasserman Davis '28
Luella Gross Goldberg '58
2009 Mary-Alice Ewing Raymond '44
Pamela Koehler Daniels '59