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Class of 1965

Class of 1965 Reunion Record Book

Greetings. By now you should have heard from us either by email or by the US mail about the 2010 reunion Record Book. Below you will find the MS word document which is referenced in our emails and letters. It is the form to fill out to tell us about yourself for the record book.

Here is what you do:

  1. Click on the Word file – RecordBookForm.doc
  2. Save on your local computer
  3. Fill it out at your leisure. Perhaps, you will want to edit it several times
  4. Resave it each time you edit it
  5. When it is final, send it as an attachment in an email to Wellesley1965@aol.com
  6. Attach any pictures you may want to include in the Record Book

Please make every effort to send it back to us electronically. However, if you wish or if you are feeling technically challenged, you may simply print it, type it or fill it out longhand, and mail it to Sue Swanson (see the online directory for Sue's address). Also, please include any photographs you might want to appear in the Record Book. We will scan them into an electronic format.

Deadline for returning your Record Book form is February 28, 2010. But please do it ASAP so you don’t forget.

Also, don’t forget to send a check for $25 made out to the Class of 1965 Record Book to Sue.

Survey for the Class of 1965 Record Book

As mentioned in our previous communications, we have also developed an anonymous survey using surveymonkey.com.

Click here to take the survey.

Please complete the survey by February 28. It is easy and should take about 15 minutes.

Dear Classmates,

Happy New Year! How is it possible that we’re already in the 2nd decade of the 21st century, not to mention that this is the 45th anniversary year of our graduation. From college!

Incredulity aside, your reunion committee has been hard at work planning a memorable weekend, the dates of which are, again: June 4 -6.

Betty Pfaelzer Rauch and Ellen Sachs Rodin have selected delicious menus for our meals. Jo Anne Chester Bander is working with purveyors to make sure our spirits and energy levels will be high.

Patty Stamp has arranged for the Gondu Kilonzo group of women basket-weavers in Kenya to make our insignia: “kiondo” tote bags in ’65 green and WC blue. The accompanying photo shows each weaver with one of the kiondos she created. The finished bags will have leather straps, and are both gorgeous and useful. Note: only by coming to reunion can you be sure of getting one!

Kenyan basket-weavers

Sandra Willett Jackson is putting a wonderful program for Saturday, with the help of several other classmates:

  • At 7 a.m., Lynn Goelet Feld will conduct an optional session of “gentle exercises.”
  • Immediately following our class meeting, Carolyn Kott Washburne will again lead us in remembering those classmates who have died since our last reunion.
  • Following the tradition started at our 1970 reunion, the rest of the morning will be devoted to personal sharing of what we feel is most important in our lives today, under the general rubric of: What do I need in my life now, and how do I give back? While we won’t restrict the conversation to this topic, we thought that by giving this specific “prompt” now, some of us might feel inspired to reflect on and even prepare in advance some brief statements. Please note that, to ensure maximum comfort-level and confidentiality, this session will be for classmates only. And, of course, participation is totally voluntary.
  • From 1 – 2 p.m., during the second hour of lunch, and if there is sufficient interest, we will set aside tables in the lunch room for those wishing to take part in small group conversations about specific issues, led by classmates. We anticipate having about 5 or 6 groups. Already planned are
    • “Financial Issues in Retirement,” to be led by Anne Ballard Shumadine
    • “Kiondos and the Kenyan Women who Wove them” - Patty Stamp
    • “Substance Abuse in the Family” – Sunny Taylor Strong
    • If there are other issues you care deeply about or are struggling with - art, health, dying, love, being grandmothers, women and work, etc. - and especially if you would like to lead a group, please contact Sandra (see her contact info in my January eblast/mailed letter).

Cynthia Van Hazinga will organize a display/performance room at Shafer, our reunion residence hall, where classmates can show artifacts (art, crafts, books, etc.) they have created or collected, or perform (read, sing, play an instrument). Please contact her (again, contact info in my January eblast/mailed letter) if you would like to participate in this. We can’t promise to have space or time for everything you propose, but Cynthia will do her very best to accommodate.

Sue Swanson has been hard at work developing forms and procedures for the Record Book. She will be sending a separate e-letter with all the details very soon.

And finally, I am so happy to say that Marianna Lawrence Cayten has agreed to be our Class Marshall for the Alumnae Parade – to lead us in class cheers and keep us in line.

And that’s it for now! I do hope this letter has whetted your appetite, and that you will come to reunion for the real thing!

With warmest wishes from all of us,

Sophie Sa and the Reunion Committee



Joan Fucetola Icklan wellesley1965@alum.wellesley.edu

Vice President
Anne Ballard Shumadine

Cynthia Van Hazinga

Jo Anne Chester Bander

Annual Giving Rep.
Helen Frye Parr
Sarah Parr Cerny

Planned Giving Representative
Virginia McConn Oversby

For security purposes, we do not post contact information on this page. Please use the "Directory" in the online Community to look up your class officers' personal address, phone, or email information.