Class of 2006 Newsletter

Spring 2007

Welcome to the first installment of the 2006 Class newsletter! We're still working out exactly how this newsletter will work, so give us your feedback (and any suggestions for what you'd like to see) to us at!

Class Dues

Class Dues Could Mean Free Drinks at Mini Reunions

The purpose of Class Dues
When you donate to your class you allow us to put on better mini reunions at lower cost to you, provide seed money for reunion and the class record book, and send better publications. These things all contribute to the unity of the class and allow us to stay better connected to each other and to the College. All class dues are also tax deductible. To clear up a common point of confusion, class dues only support the activities of the class. Donations to the class do not count as gifts to the College.

How to give
There are two ways to give to your class: life memberships and annual dues. Life membership dues are invested with the College’s endowment; our class receives the income generated from the investment. One class from the 1930s currently receives a 50% return on their investment! While we probably won’t be there for a good seventy years, life memberships are still the best way for the class to fundraise.

At this time we are offering an early bird special for life memberships. Before June 1, 2007, life membership dues will be set at $150.00; after that date they will increase to $200.00. We understand that many of us are not able to become life members at this time and we very much appreciate annual dues as well, which have been set at $20.00.

Life Membership Dues (before June 1, 2007)    $150.00
Annual Dues $20.00

Where to give
We are working on setting up a PayPal account, but at this time the best way to pay dues is by check. If you have any questions please contact your treasurer, Katherine Adams, at Thank you very much for your support!

To send in your class dues, please contact Katherine Adams at


Catch up with classmates in person
Helping to organize mini-reunions is a great way to get involved with class activities and get reacquainted with your classmates!  We’re organizing mini-reunions around the country to celebrate the first anniversary of our graduation from Wellesley in June.  The cities we’re hoping to host these gatherings in are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C.  This list is just a start—if you would like to organize a 2006 mini-reunion in another city, you’re welcome to do so!  At this time, we do not have the money to subsidize these events, so we suggest holding it at a location where people can pay their own way. 

Want to get involved without a huge commitment?
Right now we’re looking for Regional Chairs who will help facilitate these events in their area.  Regional Chairs will help organize an appropriate venue as well as help plan the other event logistics.  The class officers will provide support to the Chairs in terms of providing lists of alums in the area and answering any other questions you may have.   

Please contact Jerilyn Libby at if you are interested in getting involved in planning mini-reunions. 

Staying connected

The part where you tell us about school, jobs, weddings and babies.

The best way for you to stay in touch with your classmates is to keep in touch with the Alumnae Association and Alumnae Class Officers.

Keep the College and Class Officers Informed
Update your contact information with the Alumnae Association to make sure you continue to receive important information about the College. Two ways to update your info:
Keep in touch with Class Officers so we can know what people want to see and do involving our Class! You can reach all of us through e-mail at

Class Notes
Keep up with submitting the class notes- feel free to include everything from educational and career transitions (or just updates from graduation), to growing families and exciting adventures!

Start early on Annual Giving

You don't have to be Lulu Chow Wang to contribute significantly, we promise

Giving to Wellesley Annual Giving as a young alumnae is difficult. You don't have a lot of extra cash, you’re too busy to give and you have all those college loans to pay off first...but a 5.3% participation rate as of December 2006?

COME ON LADIES! Giving back to Wellesley is easy, a small financial burden, and most of all, really makes a difference.

Why Give?
Well, what do you love most about Wellesley?
  • The fantastic professors that actually motivate you to learn?
    • Contributions from Wellesley alumnae help keep Wellesley’s faculty compensation competitive.
  • The beautiful campus?
    • Contributions from Wellesley alumnae not only help pay for everyday costs such as grounds maintenance, but also help pay for extraordinary items, such as additional heating costs in an especially cold winter.
  • The fact that over 50% of students receive some form of financial aid?
    • Contributions from Wellesley alumnae help support Wellesley’s need-blind admissions policy, despite many other schools abandoning this policy in face of rising education costs.
  • Bottom line
    • Your contributions to Wellesley Annual Giving make sure that what you love most of about Wellesley will be what current and future students love most about Wellesley.
It’s important to remember that Wellesley is not looking for a huge contribution, Wellesley just wants you to give back and PARTICIPATE! Everyone understands that it’s hard to contribute a lot when you’re just out of college. How about $20.06? That’s equivalent to three Starbucks coffees, two gin and tonics, or one pedicure. Parents are also an excellent source to help you out in the first few years.

How to Give
  • The easiest (and fastest) way is to give online:

  • But you can also send contributions to:
    • Office of Development Services
      Wellesley College
      106 Central Street
      Wellesley, MA 02481
      (Make checks payable to Wellesley College)

  • Or, if you want to receive appeals through the mail and have an actual Wellesley student contact you, update your contact information! Visit your Directory Listing online at:


Contact anyone on the 2006 Annual Giving Committee:
Want to Help More?
Joining the 2006 Annual Giving Committee helps you stay connected with both Wellesley College and your fellow classmates. Moreover, the current Committee would love to have some help. Please contact Justina Wang ( if interested.

Alumnae Online Forums

Miss First Class? We've got the next best thing...

We know nothing will ever measure up, but the online community Discussions come close. 

What you can do in the online forums (to help alleviate that FirstClass craving you've been having):
  • Requesting a discussion group is as easy as creating a conference, and groups are only open to alums. 
  • Subscribe and post to an existing discussion (Book Recommendations, Mental Health, Wellesley Writers, Apartment and Job Search, etc) or create your own around any special interest, group of friends. 
  • A preview of some of the discussions that are available:
    • Apartments
    • Book Recommendations
    • Class of 2006
    • Community
    • For Sale - New Items
    • For Sale - Used Items
    • Mental Health
    • Study Abroad and Internships
    • Working Internationally
    • Workplace Issues
For a complete listing and to request a group sign onto and click on "discussions."

Alumnae Career and Life Planning Resources

Wellesley College Center for Work and Service, 781.283.2352   

Our Mission
Translating the Liberal Arts into Action - “The mission of the Center for Work and Service (CWS) is to assist students and alumnae in fulfilling the expectations of their liberal arts education and finding their way to make a difference in the world.  The CWS encourages women to develop a strong sense of personal identity and facilitates the process of career and life planning.  The staff of the CWS strives to provide leadership in creating a model work environment for women.” 
The challenge is in recognizing and acknowledging that “to make a difference in the world” may mean many different things throughout one’s lifetime.  The CWS is available to you as a lifelong resource to help with all aspects of that process.
Career Development
The CWS works with a cyclical four-stage career development model:

  1. assess your self; your interests, skills, values and personality; and generate possibilities
  2. explore career fields and life options; compare possibilities to reality
  3. develop a strategy and identify targeted resources for your next steps
  4. manage and evaluate your personal and professional goals
You will experience the career development cycle many times during your life’s work.

Resources Available to You
  • Career Counseling
    • Schedule an appointment with a CWS counselor to talk through your situation either on-campus or by telephone by calling 781.283.2352 weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST.  For brief questions, you can email “Ask the Counselor” through our website,  Click on “Alumnae” and then “Programs and Services”.
  • The CWS Web Site
    • You can directly access the resources and information most suited to your particular interests and needs.  Along with extensive job-search resources such as a self-guided resume tutorial and downloadable interview workshop, our web site includes such features as graduate and professional school information, fellowships and internships, online career library resources, job fairs and job listings, community service and volunteer opportunities, and a calendar of events and programs offered on campus and through the Wellesley Alumnae Clubs.
  • The Wellesley Network (W Network)
    • The W Network consists of over 33,000 U.S. and internationally-based alumnae willing to share information and advice with students and other alumnae.  Alumnae profiles are sorted by life experiences rather than occupation, to include not only career information, but also volunteer work, hobbies, areas of expertise, travel, professional memberships, services offered, and a variety of affiliations. In addition, alumnae can indicate their interest in discussing a variety of life topics, such as caring for aging parents or re-entering the workforce.
    • To search the W Network, indicate your networking preferences or update your profile, go to the CWS web page,, click the “W Network” button in the top menu bar.  If you have not registered with the Online Alumnae Community, click on “Register Now!” in the Sign In box.  To register you will need your Wellesley ID number (A or B plus 8 numbers, found above your name on most mailings from the college). 
  • Wellesley “Job Listings”
    • Specifically for Wellesley students and alumnae, this job posting site is for searching or posting employment or internship opportunities for the Wellesley community by the Wellesley community. In the Online Alumnae Community, click the “Job Listings” button in the top menu bar.
  • CLOE (Career and Life Online Exploration)
    • CLOE provides direct access to the wide variety of databases and online resources available through the CWS to help Wellesley students and alumnae with their career planning process. Resources include targeted job and internship databases as well as exploration tools such as:
      • FOCUS- A self-guided self-assessment and career exploration tool.  FOCUS may be more targeted for initial career exploration, but is a good starting place for anyone to help clarify skills, interests and values.
      • CareerSearch- A directory of over 1 million companies in the U.S. and Canada searchable by industry and location, as well as key words and computer systems used.  Also includes executive search firms by industry and location.
      • Vault Guides- Comprehensive industry, career and employer information as well as downloadable gold guides.
  • The CWS Spotlight
    • One of the new Online Alumnae Community discussion groups; a way to keep you informed on career and life management resources.  It will contain brief, targeted highlights on a new topic each month, including book reviews, quick tips and Web sites for you to explore. You can subscribe by going to Discussions at, click on Shared Interests in the Discussions Communities box, then Career, which will take you to the CWS Spotlight discussion group.  Complete the subscription information at the bottom of the group details page and click the Subscribe button to be able to post, read, and respond to messages.
*Thanks to Folly Patterson of the Center for Work and Service for her valuable addition to the newsletter.

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