Wellesley College Class of 2006

Class of 2006 ADECCAP and Just Apparel Fundraiser
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About ADECCAP and Just Apparel

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Hand embroidered "Wellesley" tote bag  $23
Available in blue or purple thread. 10x17x3 in. (fits books or a laptop) 
Tote BagTote Bag Close Up

Wall hanging with bird/vine design  $16  
Available with red, blue, green, purple, black background, approx 13x13 in.
Bird Wall Hanging

Wall hanging with traditional Mayan design $22
Available with red, blue, green, purple, black background; approx 13x13 in.
Full Mayan Wall Hanging   Mayan Wall Hanging Close Up

Beaded zig-zag bracelet $3.50
Beaded Zig Zag Bracelet

Beaded turquoise bracelet with diamond pattern
Also available in maroon.

Beaded silver bracelet $6.50

Product Price Quantity
Hand embroidered "Wellesley" tote bag
Embroidery Color: 
Wall hanging with bird/vine design
Background Color: 
Wall hanging with traditional Mayan design
Background Color: 
Beaded Zig-zag Bracelet
Beaded Bracelet with Diamond Pattern
Beaded Silver Bracelet

About ADECCAP and Just Apparel

In October 2005, the devastating mudslides resulting from Hurricane Stan left Guatemala in disarray.  Thousands lost homes and the mudslides' destruction of bridges and roads left many areas of the country without access to food and other basic necessities of daily life.  In a country already struggling with issues of poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, and racism, reconstruction is a challenging task.  

ADECCAP (Association for the Communal Development of the District of Panabaj, Guatemala) was developed with a desire to help rebuild the community of Panabaj, the area most affected by the mudslides, but also help maintain the integrity of the Mayan Tzutujili culture.  The alternative handicraft project focuses on economic reactivation and professional training for the women in this community.   Your support of these 39 women offers them the opportunity to sell their handicrafts on the international market fair trade and aids in the development of a community center for local advocacy, psychosocial rehabilitation and education.

Just Apparel, a new initiative of the International Humanitarian Foundation, is an innovative approach to fair trade.  A group of 14 women in and around Santiago produce hand-embroidered products for companies and organizations on US college campuses.  The artisans who work with Just Apparel are from poor, semi-rural areas.  Seven of the women live in the displaced persons camp that has housed hundreds of victims of the mudslide for over two years.  Others lost husbands or  fathers in the armed conflict of the 1980s and are left to take care of children on their own.  They all joined Just Apparel in the hopes of using their exquisite embroidery to better the lives of their families.  The Wellesley tote (pictured above) will be the women's first sale. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact 2006 Class Council at wellesley2006 [at] gmail [dot] com.