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Flowers in the Quad It is hardto believe it hasbeen almost two years since we have allbeen together on campus, and that the students we last knew asfirst-yearswill soon be embarking on their finalyear at Wellesley! As we move further away from our Wellesleyexperience, Class Council is working hard to keep the purple classconnected.

Do you have an idea for a class event or fundraiser? Want toinclude information in a newsletter? Have updates for the class notes?Alumnae Class Council is here to be a resource for you. We love ideasand updates from you and we can always be reached at wellesley2006@gmail.com or 2006notes@alum.wellesley.edu.

Class Council Updates(from Amita Parashar, President, and Jerilyn Libby, Vice President)
GuatemalaFundraiser Update
During the holiday season, theClass of 2006 partnered with a women's co-op -- the Association for theCommunal Development of the District of Panabaj, Guatemala -- to sellfair trade gifts.   The Class of 2006 raised $250 by selling thewomen's hand-made items; the money went toward a new community healthcenter for Panabaj, which was heavily damaged by a 2005 hurricane. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort, and e-mail us ifyou'd like to help with future charitable or fundraising efforts.
DVD Yearbooks
Copies of the Class of 2006 DVDyearbook are stillavailable. They are available for $15 (including shipping) or $12 forthose who have paid class dues for the 2007-2008 year (including lifemembers.)  If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you can usethe secure checkout below:

Order by May 15for delivery by the end of May. If you have questions about the DVDs(or if you can't remember if you've paid your dues) contact us at wellesley2006@gmail.com.
Mini Reunions 
Class of 2006 mini reunionswill again be happening aroundthecountry and around the world in June 2008.  Mini reunions are agreatchance to reconnect with friends and classmates.  Currently,reunionsare planned for New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Details tofollow on locations and dates. If youare interested in planning a reunion in another city, please contactJerilyn Libby, jlibby@alum.wellesley.edu.

Founders Hall Annual GivingUpdate (from Justina Wang, Annual Giving Representative)
If you haven't given toWellesley yet this year, it is not too late! All contributionspostmarked by June 30, 2008 will count towards this fiscal year.Remember, giving is:

1. Easy. Give online using your credit card at https://www.wellesley.edu/Resources_giftnew/giftform.html.Alternatively, you can call 800-358-3543 or send a check to "Office ofDevelopment Services, Wellesley College, 106 Central Street, Wellesley,MA 02481"

2. Flexible - No MinimumAmount. Please remember that Wellesley Annual Giving would appreciate agift of any amount. How about $20.06? Also, remember that mostcompanies will match your gift.

3. For a Good Cause. Regardless ofwhether your contribution is used to pay for a current student'stuition or cover increased heating costs during the long winter, youcan be sure that your contribution will go towards a great cause:giving current students the same amazing Wellesley College experiencethat was given to you. Contributions are needed even more as Wellesleyimplements its new financial aid plan (details below), so do nothesitate to give!

Details of Wellesley's New Financial Aid Plan
• Will eliminate loans for students with the greatest need, those fromfamilies with calculated incomes under $60,000.
•Will lower loans by one-third for students from families withcalculated incomes between $60,000 and $100,000.  Their requiredloanswill total no more than $8,600 over four years.
•Students from families with higher incomes will continue to benefitfrom Wellesley’s low loan packages, which cap the four-year maximumdebt at $12,825.
•As always, Wellesley will carefully evaluate each student’s financialaid application individually, considering many factors in addition tofamily income in determining the level of aid provided.  Some ofthesefactors include a family’s medical expenses, siblings in college andregional differences in costs of living.

Please contact me anytime with comments or questions. My email is: jjwang@alum.wellesley.edu

Have a great 2008!

Justina Wang
2006 Annual Giving Representative

ClassDuesUpdate (from Katherine Adams, Treasurer)
It’s spring and that means it’sclass dues timeagain! The two ways to give to the class are life memberships andannual dues. Life membership dues are invested with the College’sendowment; our class receives the income generated from theinvestment.

Annual class dues support the activities of the class, such as puttingonmini-reunions, sending class publications, and providing seed moneyfor reunion. They do not count as gifts to the College, unlikedonations made through Annual Giving. All class dues are taxdeductible.

Annualdues are $20.00. Life membership dues are normally $200.00, butbetween now and June 1, 2008, they will be $175.00. You can eitherdonate via Google Checkout (see below) or theold fashioned way, by sending a check. If youhave any questions, please contact me at kadams@alum.wellesley.edu.Thank you for your support!

Annual Dues Life Membership Dues (beforeJune 1, 2008)
$20.00 $175.00

If you prefer to pay bycheck, please contact me at kadams@alum.wellesley.edu.

You can also securely pay using Google Checkout:

Bikes in the Quad

CWSUpdate: Managing Transitions (from Folly Patterson, Associate Director,Alumnae Career Programs)
As many '06ers are beginning tomake their first big post-college transition, Folly Patterson has someresources for preparing for these transitions. Don't forget that youcan receive free lifelong career counseling from the CWS. Visit theirwebsite, www.wellesley.edu/cws, or call 781-0283-2352 for moreinformation...

“It isn’t the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions. Change isnot the same as transition. Change is situational; the new boss, thenew role, the new policy. Transition is the psychological processpeople go through to come to terms with the new situation.” – WilliamBridges, Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, 1993

Book Reports:
Bridge’s book, Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, is anexcellent resource for anyone feeling stuck at a crossroads of theirlife path.  He also wrote The Way of Transition, highlighting thesame steps for one to get through life’s transitions but written moreas a memoir as he as the expert, struggles with his own wife’s death.

The Pearls:
The foundation of Bridge’s theory is that the change starts with thenew thing, but the successful transition must start with the ending ofthe old thing; letting go of what was to make room for what willbe.  Often this thing is a core piece of our self-identity, andthat is what makes it so hard to let go of.  The more attached weare to that piece of ourselves, the harder the transition.

Bridge’s suggests trying to break it down into smaller, more manageablepieces, keeping some parts with you so you are not letting go ofeverything all at once, and seeking the support of others so you don’thave to go through it alone.  Grieve what will be lost, butcelebrate what will be gained.

Remember, change is inevitable; you are going through transitions allof the time.  Most of the time, your coping systems are already inplace and you don’t even notice, but every once in a while you can getstuck.  When that happens, take the time to think about what youare hanging on to, and develop a strategy to help you let go and moveforward.  Only then you can embrace the new beginning.

For MoreInformation:
http://www.wmbridges.com/ - Bridge’s Web site, has a great resourcesection with books, articles and assessment tools.
http://www.transitionguide.com/balance.htm - TransitionWorks, a Website featuring Nancy Schlossberg, an expert in adult transitions, adultdevelopment, career development, and intergenerational relationships.For a quick look at Nancy’s theory, seehttp://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-11-23-retire-side_x.htm.

Pure Folly:
Nancy Schlossberg and William Bridges are the two big names intransitions theory, but I tend towards Bridge’s as his theory only hasthree steps.  When I am stuck, I think the fewer steps thebetter…  But remember, transition is a process; it takestime.  Be sure to take care of yourself along the way, rewardyourself for small victories.

ClassmateSpotlight (from Kate Derrick, Secretary)
Theresa Piasta
Fromwonderful trips abroad, to weddings and reunions, to a variety of jobsand educational fields, one of the most unique experiences I've heardof so far from a member of our class is what Theresa Piasta will be taking on this summer. She'll bethe first of our classmates to be deployed to Iraqwith the Army.

Many of us knew Theresa at Wellesley,where she participated in the ROTC program and was commissioned as anofficer just before graduation. Since February 2007, Theresa has beenwith the 41st Fires Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas. Ather Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Iraq, she willbe the BDOC Chief (Base Defense Operational Cell) and her Brigade'sForce Protection Officer in Charge, which means she will be in chargeof her FOB's internal and external security.She is also the ChemicalOfficer, which makes her the Brigade's expert on all intelligence andanalysis related to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear andhigh yield explosive devices.
Theresa also playsan key role
as the Unit Status Report Officer, creating important reports that aresent to the Department of Defense about her unit.  By the natureof her various jobs, Lieutenant Piasta hasto be very knowledgeable about the details of her unit's personnel,equipment, and training readiness.

We wish Theresa the best overseas and keep her safety in your thoughts!

If you or any other '06ersare taking on unique adventures, send me information at kderrick@alum.wellesley.edu,or send other updates for the Class Notesto 2006notes@alum.wellesley.edu.

Lake Waban

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