Data on Demand Quickstart Guide

This document describes how to use the Data on Demand application to pull lists for your class or club. Lists may be used for reference, directories, or paper mailings.

WARNING: Data Usage Restrictions

Data available in the Data on Demand application is confidential and sensitive. It is extremely important that you follow these rules for data usage. Failure to follow the following restrictions will result in revokation of access to Data on Demand.

Data Distribution
Data may only be distributed to volunteers in your class or club. If anyone outside your class or club volunteers requests a list from you, please direct them to the Alumnae Association. Lists from Data on Demand are for your reference and mailings only: do not use these lists for publication. If you are creating a class or club directory, contact the Alumnae office.

Data usage
Data may be used for the purposes of club or class paper mailings and/or demographic evaluations only. Data is not to be used for the purposes of solicitation, or communications for any group other than your specific class or club.

Data on Demand data may not be used for mass mailings to alumnae. All "blast" emails (in general, emails sent to eight or more alumnae) must be send through the Alumnae Association's broadcast email system in order to comply with legal regulations and conform to our opt-out system requirements. To request a broadcast email or access to the Email Marketing system, visit VConnect at Volunteer/VConnect/.

Logging In

To log in, go to Volunteer/VConnect/data.html.

Click on "I agree" to proceed to the login page. Once on the login page, log in using your alumnae online community username and password.

Getting to Data on Demand

Under the "Reporting" tab, click on the Data on Demand link.

Running Reports

We've created some reports to get you started, including a class list with most relevant data, and a mailing label report. To quickly access these reports, click on the "Run Reports" tab.

Download Reports

Select the report you want to run, then click the "Download Report" button. The report may take a few minutes to run - please be patient.

Download Reports, part 2

Depending on your browser settings, the file may download automatically to your desktop, or it may ask if you want to open or save the file, as above.
If you are asked, choose "Save File", and save the file in a location where you'll be able to find it later.
If you are not asked, look for the file on your desktop.

Open Data Files

Once your file is downloaded, you can open it using Microsoft Excel. Use Excel to sort or process the information as needed.

Keep Information Up-To-Date

Remember, alumnae information updates rapidly. To ensure your mailing reaches more of your constituents, download a new list for every mailing, as close to the mailing date as possible.