Installing ChemDraw

Where to find this software

ChemDraw Ultra may be installed on student, faculty, and staff computers. It is also available on many Science Center Computing Lab computers.

Minimum System Requirements

ChemBioDraw Ultra - version 13: older operating systems (e.g., Mac OS X 10.7/10.8)

ChemDraw Professional 15: newer operating systems (e.g., Mac OS X 10.9/10.10, Windows 8/8.1)

For details, see:

Sign in and get the installer

  1. If you have downloaded ChemDraw in the past, log in to the following site using your previous account. Otherwise, you will need to register with your Wellesley College email account:
  2. You should be on the My Account page; click on My Site Subscription under Services to the right
  3. Click on Download Site Subscription Software
  4. Click on the installer appropriate for your computer (see Minimum System Requirements above for older vs. newer OS versions) to download
  5. After the installer downloads, check your email for your individual license number. Each person gets their own license number.
  6. If you do not see it, check your spam folder, and/or in the CambridgeSoft web site above, under Services > My Downloads

Install ChemDraw

  1. Get the installer (previous section of this documentation). Use their manual ( or follow these instructions:
  2. When the download is finished, locate the dmg (Mac) or exe (Windows) file and double-click to launch the installer
  3. In the CambridgeSoft Software Activation window, enter the required information and click Activate over Internet.
  4. This information can be found in the My Downloads page which you opened earlier
  5. In the CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Ultra Wizard window, click Next > .
  6. In the License Agreement window, select I accept the terms in this license agreement , and click Next > .
  7. In the Select Type window, choose the Default setup and click Next > .
  8. In the Select Features window, click Next > .
  9. In the Select Features window, select MNova NMR Lite and click Next > (this is optional).
  10. In the Ready to Install window, click Install.
  11. In the Installation Complete window, click Finish.