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Lecture What Wellesley's Reading
Listen as Wellesley College faculty introduce you each week to a book that they're passionate about in their field, and then read a brief passage to whet your appetite. The books might be little-known literary gems, beloved classics, biographies, or many other literary forms.
Lecture In Fact and Fiction: The Editorial Process and the Art of Writing
The New Yorker editor Deborah Treisman and writers Aleksandar Hemon and Hilton Als join forces for a conversation on the art of writing and the editorial process. Treisman edits work by Hemon and Als in her role as The New Yorker's youngest fiction editor ever.

Lecture How Cancer Changed My Life...And Didn't
Ann Velenchik, Director of the Writing Program and Associate Professor of Economics, talks to the students of Alpha Phi Sigma, the Wellesley College Lecture Society, about how having leukemia did and did not change her life. She addresses themes of fragility and resilience, and surrender and liberation.

Lecture Language & Thought: Insights from the Study of Sign Languages
Jennie Pyers, Assistant Professor of Psychology, presents studies with learners of an emerging sign language in Nicaragua, fluent signers of American Sign Language, and children acquiring a sign language to argue that some aspects of human cognition are uniquely shaped by learning a language.
Lecture Albright Institute Lectures
Wellesley faculty and prominent alumnae speak about topics such as the UN Millenium Development Goals; global governance; global climate models; tackling world hunger; women's sexual and reproductive health; international law and genocide; and religion and violence.

Lecture The Poetry Does Not Matter
Dan Chiasson, Associate Professor of English, discusses poems that disavow or qualify themselves, citing examples from T.S. Eliot, Elizabeth Bishop, Louise Gluck, and John Ashbery. Following the talk, Chiasson gives a reading of his own poetry, selecting pieces which deal with the disavowal of poetry.
Lecture Gardening Like the Forest: Integrating Ecology, Design, and Agriculture at the Wellesley College Botanic Garden
Ecological landscape designer Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, discusses permaculture, human-created ecosystems, and the plans for the Edible Ecosystems Teaching Garden at Wellesley College.
Lecture Reading Rainbow, Roots, and Star Trek
Emmy award-winning actor LeVar Burton talks about his mother's love of reading, his role as host and producer of Reading Rainbow, and television's power to create social change.

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