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May, 1991


Mary Ann Hill
(781) 283-2373


Eleven members of Wellesley College's Class of 1991 have been awarded major fellowships and awards including grants from the British Marshall Foundation, the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, the National Science Foundation the Jacob Javits Fellows Program, the Rotary

Foundation, the Harry S. Truman Foundation, and the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program. In addition, two graduates have been awarded Teaching Assistantships, another has received a Wellesley-Yenching Fellowship, and one graduate has been named to a translator's position in the National Palace Museum, Taiwan.

Celia Elaine Rothenberg, a History major, has won the coveted British Marshall Fellowship for graduate studies in the United Kingdom. Pilar Antonia Gonzalez-Doupe, who majored in both French and Psychology, has been awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for foreign research and travel.

Amy Elizabeth Battles, a Physics major has won a National Science Foundation Fellowship to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sarah Elizabeth Harrell, a double major in Greek and Latin, has accepted a Jacob Javits Fellowship for graduate studies in the humanities. Harrell was also awarded a Rotary Fellowship for graduate study at Oxford University. Katherine Ann 'Bedard, a double major in Philosophy and Physics, is also the recipient of a Jacob Javits Fellowship.

Catherine Gail Sheehan, a Political Science major, has won a Harry S. Truman Scholarship (announced in 1989) and Melissa Ann Noy, a double major in Chinese and Economics, has been awarded a position as translator in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.

Moninder Kaur Puri, a double major in Economics and German Studies, has been awarded a Padagogischer Austauschdienst (Pedagogic Exchange Service) Teaching Assistantship in Germany and Tina Maria Ravinis, a double major in Economics and German, was awarded a Teaching Assistantship in Austria by the Austrian Ministry of Education.

Sarah Margaret Shealy, a Chinese Studies major, has accepted a two-year teaching fellowship in Hongkong awarded by the Wellesley-Yenching Fellowship Program. She was also awarded a Rotary Fellowship.

Grace Sumi Kawanishi, a Physics major, won a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship in 1986, carrying with it the distinction of being awarded in the first year of its existence.


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