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The Academy of American Poets
Erin Clare Brown

The Judith Adams ’75 Prize for Premedical Students
Rebecca Susan Katzman

The Lucy Branch Allen Prize
Emily Sarah Knurek

The Alpha Kappa Delta Award for Distinction in Sociology
Robin Nicole Miller

The Paul R. Barstow Award for Theatrical Excellence
Dahlia Al-Habieli

The Billings Performance Award in Music
Heather Alyse Hausladen
Victoria Lo

The Ralph H. Bollard Prize for Distinction in American History
Kathleen Elizabeth Scorza

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Economics
Susan Irene Colton
Meredith Anne Magenheim
Iuliana Pascu
Heather Jordan Romani
Shirla Nga Wan Sum
Chenying Zhang

The Natalie Bolton Student Prize in Economics
Mahnaz Islam

The Maria Luisa Bombal Prize in Spanish
Sefina Adasi
Maxine Epolito Brownstein

The Barbara Bush Award for Volunteerism
Caroline Emily Sancken

The Cervantes Prize in Spanish
Christine Boram Cha
Anne Marie Keris

The Jean V. Crawford Prize in Chemistry
Rachel Marie Erdil
Jessica Lynn Markham
Theodora Janina Stewart

The Davenport Performance Prize for Acting
Kelly McDermott Galvin

The Johanna Mankiewicz Davis Prize for Prose Fiction
Morgan Wright Smith

The Kathryn Wasserman Davis ’28 Art Prize
Katherine Elizabeth Tyson

The Deborah W. Diehl Prize for Distinction in History
Ariella Rachel Huff

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Prize for Environmental Activism
Anita Yung Ling Yip

The John Charles Duncan Prize in Astronomy
Alessondra Springmann

The Ella Smith Elbert ’88 Prize
Onyango Gladys Akinyi Palmer

The Erasmus Essay Prize in History
Stella D. Kim

The Isabelle Eastman Fisk Performance Prize for Acting
Anne Marie Keris

The Fiske Prize in Biology
Emily Anna Jones

The Phyllis J. Fleming Prize for Distinction in Physics
Merideth Ann Frey
Elizabeth Sirocco Rivers

The French House Award in Cultural Studies
Rachel Amber Mak-McCully

The Friends of Art Prize for Excellence in Studio Art
Andreea Cojocaru

The Camilla Chandler Frost Prize in Environmental Studies
Heather Freeman Clark

The Michel Grimaud Award for Excellence in the Translation of French
Amy Grams Ellingson

The Jorge Guillen Prize in Spanish Studies
Danielle Michelle Oh
Megan Yip Shum

The Barbara Barnes Hauptfuhrer Scholar Athlete Award
Julia Parzych

The Martha Davenport Heard Prize in Mathematics
Aviva Amar Halani
Chenying Zhang

The Ethel L. Hersey Prize in American Studies
Shereen Ida Escovitz
Leslie Kazue Tamura

The Peggy Howard Economics Prize
Jaimie Christine Graham

The Hyperchem Prize in Chemistry
Cynthia Kathleen Crosswhite

The Jacqueline Award in English Composition
Morgan Wright Smith

The Japanese Essay Prize
Cathleen Chia-Shin Chuang
Shannon Therese Lucy

The Klein Prize in Neuroscience in Memory of Louise Edwards
Margaret Susan Blattner

The Doctor Leila C. Knox Prize in Biology
Ruth Wangechi Wang’ondu

The Germaine Lafeuille Prize in French
Jessica Margaret Deshayes
Yi Zhang

The Lingos Prize in the Life Sciences
Ruth Wangechi Wang’ondu

The Katharine Malone Scholar
Megan Chaya Gross

The Gabriela Mistral Prize in Spanish
Kate Erica Haberland
Sara Farchaus Stein

The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Award for Excellence in the Study of Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture
Ellen Claar Campbell
Elena Cestero

The Mary White Peterson Prize in Biological Sciences
Yvonne Marissa Gruber

The Plogsterth Award in Art History
Jennifer Cawley

The Pushkin Prize
Megan Chaya Gross

The Charlotte Paul Reese ’38 Memorial Prize for Creativity in Writing
Elizabeth Claire Butters
Lauren Elizabeth Holmes

The Justina Ruiz‑de‑Conde Prize
Lauren Ruth Gritzke
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Panza

The Russian Area Studies Prize
Erin Ross Doherty

The Mayling Soong Foundation Essay Prize
Tina Ching-Tien Lee

The Lewis Atterbury Stimson Prize in Mathematics
Iuliana Pascu

The Three Generations Prize for Writing in the Sciences
Leslie Kazue Tamura

The Wall Street Journal Achievement Award
Samantha Leigh Ernst

The Margaret E. Ward Prize in Women’s Studies
Dana Kristina Stelmokas

The Wellesley College Theatre Award
Megan Elizabeth Teckman

The Wellesley Words on Wheels Distinguished Service Award
Amanda K. Nielson
Stella Elizabeth Silverstein

The Woodrow Wilson Prize in Political Theory, Law, and American Politics
Anabel Lee

The Oprah Winfrey Award for Volunteerism
Rosalinda Hernandez Linares

The Florence Annette Wing Prize in English
Claire Ann Bateman
Fiona-Elle Maurissette

The Natalie Wipplinger Prize in German
Sarah Cecelia Gibson
Pamela Renée Wolpert

The Mary Ann Youngren Memorial Award in Critical Reading
Lynn Allison Sternberger

Trustee Scholars
Trustee Scholars are seniors who have demonstrated exceptional distinction and are candidates for graduate study.

Mahnaz Islam
for graduate study in Economics

Adilia James
for graduate study in Educational Policy

Mallory Ellen Kremer
for graduate study in Medicine

Winnie Y. Liu
for graduate study in Medicine

The Pamela Daniels ’59 Fellowship
The Pamela Daniels ’59 Fellowship enables a senior to carry out a project that taps the imagination as well as the intellect, a project that she might not otherwise be able to accomplish.

Mimosa St. Clair Burr
Jennifer Cawley
Vanessa Alexis Wiegel

The Sara Teasdale Award in Poetry
The Sara Teasdale Award in Poetry is awarded by Wellesley College every other year to a poet from the United States.

Susan Howe
Distinguished poet, author of numerous books of poetry and criticism and professor of English at University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Prizes Awarded to Wellesley College Alumnae

The Susan Lee Campbell Memorial Prize for Graduate Study in the Health Professions
Grace Waruchu Wanjiku ’06

The Jerome A. Schiff Fellowships
The Jerome A. Schiff Fellowships are intended to support the academic, professional, and personal development of exceptionally talented young persons through programs of undergraduate research.

Heather Freeman Clark
Environmental Studies

Merideth Ann Frey

Megan Chaya Gross
Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences

Alia Noelle Gurtov

Lauren Elizabeth Holmes
English with Creative Writing

Beatrice Patricia Hunt
Studio Art

Mahnaz Islam

Rhobhi Matinyi
Africana Studies

Robin Nicole Miller

Iuliana Pascu

Vasumathi Sundar Raman
Computer Science

Theodora Janina Stewart
Biological Chemistry

Alumnae Achievement Award
The Alumnae Achievement Award is the highest honor given by the Wellesley College Alumnae Association to alumnae for excellence and distinction in their fields of endeavor. The annual award was first presented in 1970.

JudyAnn Rollins Bigby ’73
Physician, Health-Care Advocate, Educator

In-ho Lee ’60
Ambassador, Scholar, Trailblazer

Judith Perlman Martin ’59
Journalist, Social Commentator, Champion of Civility

Graduate Fellowships and Scholarship Awarded by Wellesley College to Seniors

Professor Elizabeth F. Fisher Fellowship
Rachel Marie Erdil, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Environmental Science

Peggy Howard Fellowship in Economics
Jaimie Christine Graham, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Economics

Jacqueline Krieger Klein ’53 Fellowship
Deborah Rachel Norris, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Comparative Politics: Conflict Studies

Susan Rappaport Knafel ’52 Scholarship for Foreign Study
Robin Nicole Miller, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Human Rights

Susan Rappaport Knafel ’52 Traveling Fellowship
Hana Scheetz Freymiller, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Sustainable Coffee Growing

Edna V. Moffett Fellowship
Mahnaz Islam, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Economics

Sarah Perry Wood Medical Fellowship
Mallory Ellen Kremer, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Medicine

Graduate Fellowships Awarded by Wellesley College to Alumnae

Anne Louise Barrett Fellowship
Nina Schloesser, B.A., Wellesley College, 2002. Creative Writing

Margaret Freeman Bowers Fellowship
Ama Baafra Abeberese, B.A., Wellesley College, 2004. Economics

Eugene L. Cox Fellowship
Simran Suresh Thadani, B.A., Wellesley College, 2005. Medieval English Literature

Ruth Ingersoll Goldmark Fellowship
Joanna Elizabeth Swafford, B.A., Wellesley College, 2006. English Literature

Horton-Hallowell Fellowship
Annie Chu, B.A., Wellesley College, 2003. Public Health
Natasha Teutsch Hausmann, B.A., Wellesley College, 2002. Ecology
Carrie Susan Konold, B.A., Wellesley College, 1997. Political Science
Maggie Wai-Ming Waung, B.A., Wellesley College, 2002. Neuroscience

Peggy Howard Fellowship in Economics
Marina Turlakova, B.A. Wellesley College, 2006. Economics

Edna V. Moffett Fellowship
Eleanor McFarland Blume, B.A., Wellesley College, 2006. Law

Alice Freeman Palmer Fellowship
Rachel E. White, B.A., Wellesley College, 2005. Psychology

Kathryn Conway Preyer Fellowship
Molly Magnolia Pryzwansky, B.A., Wellesley College, 1999. Classical Studies

Vita Dutton Scudder Fellowship
Elizabeth Butler Breese, B.A., Wellesley College, 2006. Sociology

M.A. Cartland Shackford Medical Fellowship
Merritt McLean Evans, B.A., Wellesley College, 2003. Medicine

Harriet A. Shaw Fellowship
Eszter Polonyi, B.A., Wellesley College, 2003. Art and Architectural History

Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship
Moriah Evans, B.A., Wellesley College, 2001. Cultural Approaches of Dancing Communities and Choreographers
Alita Gonsalves, B.A., Wellesley College, 1999. Ayurveda and Traditional Healing
Nicole Holland, B.A., Wellesley College, 1971. Politics, Cultural Diplomacy, and Unofficial Soviet Art
Dun Zhang, B.A., Wellesley College, DS ’92. Oral Histories of Chinese Women

Fanny Bullock Workman Fellowship
Sonja Lynne Mitchell, B.A., Wellesley College, 1999. Mathematics

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