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The Academy of American Poets
Courtney Lindsey Akiko Sato

The Judith Adams ’75 Prize for Premedical Students
Laura Huang

The Lucy Branch Allen Prize
Katherine Emily Wyman

Alpha Kappa Delta Award for Distinction in Sociology
Moeena Das

The Paul R. Barstow Award for Theatrical Excellence
Ruth Eileen Craig

The Adelaide Niles Belyea Prize in Botany
Smadar Vered Levy

The Billings Performance Award in Music
Elizabeth Carol Merrill
Nancy Newhard Diefenderfer Pontius

The Billings Prize in Music
Nina M. Hart
Ehjeen Kim

The Ralph H. Bollard Essay Prize in American History
Kaylan Michelle Stevenson

The Ralph H. Bollard Prize for Distinction in American History
Anna Katharine Johns

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Economics
Samantha Allison Heep
Mikhaela A. Khotiner
Abigail Claire Lees
Andrea Xiuzhen Liang
Laura Caetano Pinheiro
Lauren Marie Tilden
Jennifer Ashley Willis

The Natalie Bolton Student Prize in Economics
Jocelin Yo-Jud Cheng

The Maria Luisa Bombal Prize in Spanish
Jessie Anna Cherofsky
Rosanna Chin

The Barbara Bush Award for Volunteerism
Shannon Patricia Hill
Mehreen Iqbal
Kacie Lyn Kocher
Kathryn Elizabeth Thompson
Katherina Mary Wolff

The Susan Lee Campbell Memorial Prize for Graduate Study in the Health Professions
Jane Hee Shin

The Cervantes Prize in Spanish
Jessica Anand
Angeles Garcia

The Right Honorable Ann Clwyd, M.P. Prize in Human Rights
Julia B. Schroeder

The Jean V. Crawford Prize in Chemistry
Laura Huang
Alice Kyungsun Min
Ka Yi Ngai
Bilin Zhuang

The Davenport Performance Prize for Acting
Valerie Elizabeth King
Kristina Louise Szilagyi

The Johanna Mankiewicz Davis Prize for Prose Fiction
Jessica Lynn Trimble
Courtney Alexandra White

The Deborah W. Diehl Prize for Distinction in History
Karla Paola Reyes

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Prize for Environmental Activism
Anli Yang

The John Charles Duncan Prize in Astronomy
Rebekah Ilene Dawson

The Ella Smith Elbert ’88 Prize
Dorothy Nicole Brown

The Fiske Prize in Biology
Jessica Li Tse

The Phyllis J. Fleming Prize for Distinction in Physics
Rebekah Ilene Dawson
Ying Wang
Bilin Zhuang

The Friends of Art Prize for Excellence in Studio Art
Alia Ali Radman
Courtney Faith Richter

The Camilla Chandler Frost Prize in Environmental Studies
Catlin Ishihara Powers

The Jorge Guillen Prize in Spanish Studies
Lauren Marie Tilden
Christina Maria Tognoni

The Barbara Barnes Hauptfuhrer Scholar Athlete Award
Kathleen Theresa Sorenson

The Martha Davenport Heard Prize in Mathematics
Andrea Xiuzhen Liang

The Ethel L. Hersey Prize in American Studies
Dorothy Nicole Brown

The Peggy Howard Economics Prize
Marissa Eve Pelliccia

The Hyperchem Prize in Chemistry
Andrea Paige Johnston

The Jacqueline Award in English Composition
Margaret Leigh Fahey

The Japanese Essay Prize
Chen Deng
Electra Yiu Hui
Jacquelin Lauren Shaw
Maureen Elsa Wynne

The Klein Prize in Neuroscience in Memory of Louise Edwards
Rosa Lafer-Sousa

The Doctor Leila C. Knox Prize in Biology
Adrienne Suzanne Topic

The Germaine Lafeuille Prize in French
Lauren Elizabeth Hume

The Hubert Weldon Lamb Prize
Katelyn Mikiala Sweeney Ching

The Joseph Lambie Economic History Prize
Maureen Elsa Wynne

The Lingos Prize in the Life Sciences
Jean-Huei Yau

The Mary C. Lyons Prize for Writing
Susan Kathleen Muensterman

The Katharine Malone Scholar
Colleen R. Kirkhart

The Gabriela Mistral Prize in Spanish
Margaret Leigh Fahey
JoAnn Gerber

The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of
Foreign Languages

Lauren Camille Brown
Caitlin Maureen McGraw

The Mary White Peterson Prize in Biological Sciences
Catlin Ishihara Powers

The Plogsterth Award in Art History
Ashley McKay Boulden

The Charlotte Paul Reese ’38 Memorial Prize for Creativity in Writing
Elizabeth Terry Borne
Susan Kathleen Muensterman
Jessica Lynn Trimble

The Nathalie Buchet Ritchey Fellowship
Alma Rachel Heckman

The Elizabeth Robinson ’78 Prize
Francesca Marie Gobeille

The Justina Ruiz‑de‑Conde Prize
Megan Grace Aebi
Kelly Ann Jauregui

The Russian Area Studies Prize
Abigail Claire Lees

The Lewis Atterbury Stimson Prize in Mathematics
Voula Christina Collins

The Three Generations Prize for Writing in the Sciences
Marina Pellón Consunji

The Virginia Wainwright Sonnet Prize
Julia Rose Hardy

The Wall Street Journal Achievement Award
Samantha Allison Heep

The Margaret E. Ward Prize in Women’s Studies
Karen Nzilani Mwaniki
Megan Christine Turner

The Wellesley College Theatre Award
Sophia Nora Giordano

The Florence Annette Wing Prize in English
Carlotta Gayle Chenoweth
Rebecca Ann Paxton

The Oprah Winfrey Award for Volunteerism
Johannah Margaret Murphy
Elise Helene Traub

The Natalie Wipplinger Prize in German
Anna Sheard Thieret

Trustee Scholars
Trustee Scholars are seniors who have demonstrated exceptional distinction and are candidates for graduate study.

Katrina Louise Browne
for graduate study in Political Science

Laura Huang
for graduate study in Medicine

Karla Paola Reyes
for graduate study in Latin American Studies

Sarah Elizabeth Shiplett
for graduate study in Computer Science

The Pamela Daniels ’59 Fellowship
The Pamela Daniels ’59 Fellowship enables a senior to carry out a project that taps the imagination as well as the intellect, a project that she might not otherwise be able to accomplish.

Susan Kathleen Muensterman
Catlin Ishihara Powers

The Jerome A. Schiff Fellowships
The Jerome A. Schiff Fellowships are intended to support the academic, professional, and personal development of exceptionally talented young persons through programs of undergraduate research.

Jane West Booth-Tobin
Political Science

Ashley McKay Boulden
Art History

Jocelin Yo-Jud Cheng

Hillary Chu-Yee Chu

Rebekah Ilene Dawson

Emma Isabella Ingrisani

Andrea Xiuzhen Liang

Rakeen Sayeeda Mabud
Political Science

Rebecca Wright McGowan
Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences

Megan Christine Turner
Women’s Studies

Jean-Huei Yau
Biological Sciences

Bilin Zhuang

Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships Awarded by Wellesley College to Seniors

Professor Elizabeth F. Fisher Fellowship
Catlin Ishihara Powers, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Environmental Engineering and Public Health

Peggy Howard Fellowship in Economics
Marissa Eve Pelliccia, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. International Economics and Finance

Jacqueline Krieger Klein ’53 Fellowship in Jewish Studies
Hannah Deborah Heller, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Arts Education

Susan Rappaport Knafel ’52 Scholarship for Foreign Study
Karen Nzilani Mwaniki, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Gender Studies

Susan Rappaport Knafel ’52 Traveling Fellowship
Alice Margaret Rose, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Lessons Learned in the Field: A Global Perspective on How to Improve America’s EMS System

Kathryn Conway Preyer Fellowship

Karla Paola Reyes, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Latin American Studies

Maria Opasnov Tyler ’52 Fellowship
Emma Cerelia Pratt, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Russian Studies

Fanny Bullock Workman Fellowship

Sarah Elizabeth Shiplett, B.A., Wellesley College, 2009. Computer Science

Graduate Fellowships Awarded by Wellesley College to Alumnae

Anne Louise Barrett Fellowship

Margaret Anne Samu, B.A., Wellesley College, 2001. Art History

Margaret Freeman Bowers Fellowship
Stephanie Lee Abbott, B.A., Wellesley College, 2006. International Development

The Eugene L. Cox Fellowship
Madeleine Kennedy Saraceni, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. English Literature

Ruth Ingersoll Goldmark Fellowship
Marthine Desiree Satris, B.A., Wellesley College, 2004. English

Horton-Hallowell Fellowship
Kristen Elizabeth Fay, B.A., Wellesley College, 2002. Child Development
Crystal Marie Fleming, B.A., Wellesley College, 2004. Sociology
Maria-Christina Stewart, B.A., Wellesley College, 2003. Psychology
Jessica Lynne Urban, B.A., Wellesley College, 2006. Law

Peggy Howard Fellowship in Economics
Jennifer Allard, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Economics
Adrienne Hathaway, B.A., Wellesley College, 2006. International Studies
Nayoung Rim, B.A., Wellesley College, 2005. Public Policy

Edna V. Moffett Fellowship
Ching-Tien Lee, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Sociology
Beth Louise Romano, B.A., Wellesley College, 2008. Anglo Irish Literature

Alice Freeman Palmer Fellowship

Narges Bajoghli, B.A., Wellesley College, 2004. Anthropology

Vita Dutton Scudder Fellowship
Hana Scheetz Freymiller, B.A., Wellesley College, 2007. Development Studies

M.A. Cartland Shackford Medical Fellowship
Cassandra Grace Kunkel Peitzman, B.A., Wellesley College, 2008. Medicine

Harriet A. Shaw Fellowship
Alice Jane Fu, B.A., Wellesley College, 2004. Performance Studies

Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship
Maureen Ann Cassidy-Geiger, B.A., Wellesley College, 1978. The Grand Tour of Friedrich Christian of Saxony, 1738–1740 (Dresden, Germany to Naples, Italy)
Elizabeth S. Graybill, B.A., Wellesley College, 1995. International Human Rights; Humanitarian Relief (Africa, Europe)
Vijayalakshmi Natarajan, B.A., Wellesley College, 1997. Ayurveda/Ayurbedic Science (Kerala, India)
Nancy Byrd Weber, B.A., Wellesley College, 1965. Photography and Family Systems (Mexico)

Sarah Perry Wood Medical Fellowship
Daiva Nevidomskyte, B.A., Wellesley College, 2005. Medicine

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