Wellesley College Photo Gallery

The photos on this page are free and open for use by the media. Please credit Wellesley College Office for Public Affairs. Photos on page are 72 dpi and appropriate for Web use. Click on each photo to to go a 240 or 300 dpi version appropriate for printing. For more information or specific photos, contact the Office for Public Affairs at 781-283-2373 or e-mail publicin@wellesley.edu. Click here to return to media online newsroom.

Kim Bottomly Galen Stone Tower Galen Stone Tower fall view
Archway Wellesley lamp post, fall view Wellesley residence hall
Wellesley residence hall, second view Wang Campus Center Wellesley lamp post
Wellesley classroom/laboratory Wellesley classroom
Wellesley hoop rolling contest Wang Campus Center on Lake Waban
Paramecium Pond Pendleton Hall classroom building


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