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Wellesley College purchased the former Henry Wood's Sons Company Paint Factory land in 1932 to maintain the land as open space. We now know that soils and sediment in portions of this site contain elevated levels of metals as a result of the paint pigment factory activities from 1848 through the mid-1920s. Though we didn't create the problem, we are responsible for cleaning up the land the College owns. The College has been working with many regulatory agencies over the past 20 years to develop cleanup plans that we are now ready to implement. The project will alleviate a substantial source of contamination by excavating the wetlands and uplands, as well as Paintshop Pond. A portion of the soils will be treated, and excavated materials will be consolidated under a permanent engineered barrier designed to prevent water from entering and contamination from exiting or leaching to the surface or groundwater. At the end of the project, excavated areas will be re-vegetated, more than six acres of wetlands will be restored and improved, and athletic fields will be constructed in the area.

Paint Shop Pond in 1999

Our top priority has been, is, and will continue to be the health and safety of Wellesley College students, faculty, staff, visitors, and our neighbors. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move forward on this massive initiative to clean and restore the environment and ensure safe use of the area in the future.

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Date Created: June 26, 2001
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