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~The War in Afghanistan: Perspectives from Pakistan,
Iran, and the Arab World

For immediate release:
Nov. 12, 2001


Mary Ann Hill
Phone: 781-283-2373

WELLESLEY, Mass. - Four experts on Central Asia and the Middle East will discuss the war in Afghanistan on Wednesday, November 14, at 7:30 p.m. in room 277 of the Wellesley College Science Center. The discussion is free and open to the public and will be followed by a reception. Click here for links to directions and a campus map.

The topics and speakers are: "Iran and the Crisis in Afghanistan" by Professor Houchang Chehabi of Boston University's Department of International Relations; "Islam, Culture and Character among the Pukhtun" by Dr. Charles Lindholm of Boston University's Department of Anthropology; "The United States, the Arab World and the Afghan Crisis" by Dr. Hermann Eilts, former U.S. ambassador to Egypt and Saudi Arabia and professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University; and "Afghanistan in Regional History" by Dr. Beatrice Forbes Manz of Tufts University's Department of History.

At Boston University, Professor Chehabi teaches courses on Central Asia in the twentieth century and modernization in Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. He also has taught at Harvard, Oxford, and UCLA, and has held Alexander von Humboldt and Woodrow Wilson Fellowships. He is the author of Iranian Politics and Religious Modernism: The Liberation Movement of Iran under the Shah and Khomeini (1990) and coeditor of Politics, Society, and Democracy: Comparative Studies (1995) and Sultanistic Regimes (1998). Professor Chehabi has also written numerous articles, book reviews, and translations.

A career diplomat for 32 years, Hermann F. Eilts served as U.S. ambassador to Egypt from 1973 to 1979 and was closely involved in the Egypt-Israel peace negotiations in 1978-1979. He pursued academic endeavors at Boston University from1979 to1993 and now serves as professor emeritus. He is the coauthor of Approaching Peace: American Interests in Israeli-Palestinian Final-Status Talks (1994).

Professor Lindholm teaches courses on the ethnography of Middle East and the United States and conducts research on idealization and culture and on the relationship of philosophy to anthropology. Prior to coming to Boston in 1990 he taught at Columbia, Barnard, and Harvard. He is coauthor of Is America Breaking Apart? (1999) and author of The Islamic Middle East: An Historical Anthropology (1996) and Generosity and Jealousy: The Swat Pukhtun of Northern Pakistan.

An associate professor of history at Tufts, Beatrice F. Manz teaches courses on the history of Iran, medieval and modern Islamic history, and nationalism and ethnic relations in Central Asia. She is the editor of Central Asia in Historical Perspective (1994) and author of The Rise and Fall of Tamerlane (1989), about the great nomad conqueror.


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