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~Experts to Explore Consequences of September 11 ~

For immediate release:
February 15, 2002

Arlie Corday,
781-283-3321 or 2373

WELLESLEY, Mass. - In a symposium at Wellesley College February 22 and 23, six leading experts on Islam, Central Asia, and civil liberties will share their perspectives and direct experiences on the war in Afghanistan and other issues related to terrorism.

"Responses to September 11" will take place in 277 Science Center on the Wellesley College campus on Friday afternoon and Saturday. The event, part of the annual Wilson Lecture series, is free and open to the public.

The schedule of panels and participants follows:

Friday, Feb. 22, 4-6 pm: "What's Fundamental About Islamic Fundamentalism?" by Eva Bellin of Harvard's Center for Middle Eastern Studies "The Arab World and September 11" by Kanan Makiya, professor of Middle East Studies at Brandeis, an Iraqi native who exiled himself from the regime of Saddam Hussein when he wrote The Republic of Fear: The Politics of Modern Iraq, under a pseudonym.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 10 am - 12 pm: "How Sacrificing the Rights of Immigrants Will Come Back to Haunt Us All" by David Cole, an expert on civil liberties and constitutional law and a professor of law at Georgetown University. "What Muslims Should Do in the Wake of Global Terrorism" by Riffat Hassan, professor of religious studies at the University of Louisville and founder of the International Network for the Rights of Female Victims of Violence in Pakistan.

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2 pm - 4 pm: "Dispatches on Developments in Afghanistan" by David Filipov, a correspondent for The Boston Globe, who is covering the war in Afghanistan. "The Challenges and Opportunities of Reconstructing Afghanistan" by Farshad Rastegar, head of Relief International, a humanitarian organization that has launched a campaign to provide educational opportunities, particularly for girls, in Afghanistan.

The most prestigious of the College's annual lectures, the Wilson Lecture was established through the bequest of journalist and writer Carolyn Wilson '10. Writer Katherine Anne Porter gave the inaugural speech in 1962, and since then, noted lecturers have included Eudora Welty, Maya Angelou, Cornel West, Robert Coles, Toni Morrison and, most recently, Lani Guinier.

The first part of the 2002 Wilson Lecture series, held Feb. 14, was a lecture by Bruce Lawrence, professor of religion at Duke University, entitled "Who Speaks for Islam After 9/11?"



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