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~Wellesley Summer Theatre Wins Prestigious Moss Hart Award~

For immediate release:
Oct. 9, 2002

Arlie Corday,

WELLESLEY, Mass. - Wellesley Summer Theatre will receive a professional award at the 41st Annual Moss Hart Memorial Awards, to be presented Nov. 2 at the New England Theatre Conference. The annual awards have a two-fold purpose: to honor the memory of dramatist and director Moss Hart and to recognize and encourage outstanding theatrical productions throughout New England.

The award focuses on scripts that present affirmative views of human courage and dignity, that have strong literary and artistic merit and that exemplify creative treatment within the intent of the playwright.

"Winning the Moss Hart Award is especially gratifying because of the nature of the award," said Nora Hussey, director of theatre and theatre studies at Wellesley College. "It recognizes not only the artistic measure of a production but the intrinsic value of theatre to society. At Wellesley Summer Theatre, our goal is not only to entertain our audiences but to offer some insights into the workings of the human heart and mind."

The 2002 performance of The Clearing, a play by Helen Edmundson, garnered the award for Wellesley. Its author described it as "a story of romance, passion and treachery." Historian Peter Berresford Ellis noted, "The Clearing is a play based on a grim fact. Ever since the 12th century, England has made frequent attempts to conquer and rule Ireland. The Clearing is set against the implementation of England most vicious design to solve its 'Irish Question' by the eradication of the entire Irish nation."

Hussey will accept the award at New England Theatre Conference ceremonies on Nov. 2 in New Hampshire.

"The Clearing was a very deeply moving experience for the company, and this tells us that others found it thus as well," she said.

Wellesley Summer Theatre, which celebrated its fifth season this year, has been recognized by arts-and-entertainment media such as The Boston Globe, which praised the company for "successfully capturing through tone, time and gesture" the productions it undertakes.

For more information, contact Nora Hussey at 781-283-2000.

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