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~Islam Awareness Week Events at Wellesley College ~

For immediate release:
November 4, 2002

Mary Ann Hill,

WELLESLEY, Mass. - Wellesley College and its Al-Muslimat student organization celebrate Islam Awareness Week, November 4-11, with a series of lectures, videos, and discussions aimed at increasing knowledge of Islamic beliefs, history, and traditions, as well as promoting dialogue about issues relating to Muslims today.

Ongoing Nov. 4-10 Poster display and information table.

Schneider Student Center  
Nov. 4 Lecture: "Beyond the Soundbites: A Comprehensive View of Islam" by Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni

Pendleton East 239 6:30 pm
Nov. 5 Lecture: "Making Sense of the Media: Understanding Western Portrayals of Islam and Muslims" by Aamir Rehman, Director of the Islamic Society of Boston's Outreach Center

Pendleton East 239 6:30 pm
Nov. 7 Documentary: "Muslims" from PBS's Frontline. Through the lives of ordinary Muslims from Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, the United States, and Turkey, "Muslims" examines the diverse interpretations of Islam and the many facets of its worldwide resurgence. Anisa Mehdi '78 is co-executive producer of the two-hour film.

Pendleton East 239 6:30 pm
Nov. 8 Discussion: "Feminism and Gender Activism in the Muslim Middle East" with Wellesley College Professor of History Lidwien Kapteijns.

Pendleton Atrium 12:30 pm
Nov. 10 Open Qur'an Study Session: An in-depth look at Islam's holy book Lower Chapel (Muslim Prayer Room) 1 pm


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