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~Dana Weekes Selected as 2003 Student Commencement Speaker~

For Immediate Release:
May 21, 2003

Arlie Corday,

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- Dana Weekes, a senior from Odenton, Md., has been chosen as the 2003 Student Commencement Speaker at Wellesley College.

Weekes, a political science and English major who has served as College Government president this year, won the honor among some strong competition.

"We solicited speech submissions to our whole class after winter break, and by the deadline after spring break we had received 28 submissions, a record number," said Beverly Luther, 2003 class president.

An ombudsperson then made sure submissions were rendered anonymous and assigned each one a number.

"In the first round of speech selection, we chose a handful of finalists from the anonymous speeches we were given, and in the second round we had those finalists deliver their addresses before the committee," Luther explained. "From those, we made our final decision."

The speaker committee comprised the four Class Council Executive Board members, 2003 Class Dean Joy Playter and two professors, Yu Jin Ko, English, and Nora Hussey, theatre.

"Dana Weekes was a standout because she is such an engaging speaker," Luther said. "Her speech delivery was phenomenal, and the speech content even better. But everyone will have to wait and see what I'm talking about until Commencement."

Wellesley College Commencement takes place Friday, May 30, at 10:30 am on Severance Green.


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