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~Who’s the Top Bard? Professors Debate Shakespeare vs. Chaucer~

For immediate release:
November 5, 2003

Arlie Corday,

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- Trying to settle the question, “Shakespeare vs. Chaucer: Who is More Important?”, two Wellesley English professors, Kathryn Lynch and Yu Jin Ko, will hold a “Battle of the Bards” Tuesday, Nov. 11, at 4:15 pm in Founders 120. A reception will follow the debate, which is sponsored by the English Department and the Chaucer Society. Lynch will defend Chaucer as the more important literary figure. “Chaucer has long and widely been known as ‘The Father of English Poetry.’ Chaucer’s poetry was a major influence on Shakespeare’s oeuvre, which can thus be seen as somewhat derivative,” she said.

Ko takes Shakespeare’s part, saying, “It should become clear that in sheer cultural reach, Shakespeare surpasses any other writer, and not merely Chaucer.” He compares this relationship to musicians who influence one another, saying, “Muddy Waters may have given The Rolling Stones their name and influenced their sound, but the Stones made that sound their own and it, incommensurately more than the blues sound of Muddy Waters, continues to reverberate through all of rock and roll.” For more information, call x2591.

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