Wellesley's Charitable Giving Campaign Beats Record
Assistant V.P. Linda Murphy Church Jumps in Lake Waban To Fulfill Her Pledge

For immediate release:
Dec. 14, 2006
Arlie Corday

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- "I’m only going to do this once, so for anyone who is interested, I will be taking a dip into Lake Waban today at Green Beach at about 11 am (after the Charitable Giving raffle is over) because you achieved the goal!" said Linda Murphy Church, assistant vice president for finance, this morning. As co-chair of the 2006 Charitable Giving Campaign at Wellesley College this year, she had vowed to jump in the lake if the Wellesley College community could beat its record for charitable giving. True to her word, she immersed herself in the cold waters of Lake Waban in a fool's cap, sweater, pants and sneakers.

"The goal was $105,000 and as of today Wellesley faculty and employees have donated $105,925.16," Church noted. "This is the highest total ever in the history of the campaign, surpassing the 2001 year when the campaign was held in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. We also had the highest number of donors since 2001 – 405 so far."

Benefitting from the donations are four charities and the clients they support. Contributions increased over last year by 14 percent for the United Way; by 19 percent for Community Works, by 31 percent for Rosie’s Place and by 33 percent for Oxfam America. In addition, 206 raffle prizes were donated by employees, departments and vendors to reward contributors to the giving campaign.

Church extended special thanks to the Charitable Giving Campaign Committee, Connie Bauman, Angie Evans, Jim Garrant, Lynne Payson, Mur Wolf and Wini Wood – and to all the others who assisted them behind the scenes.

"I am very proud of my Wellesley colleagues for their generosity," said Church, pictured below before, during and after enjoying Lake Waban on a morning in December.


Below, left to right: Raffle prizes included gingerbread woman, coffee maker, gift certificates and more; Dean of the College Andy Shennan and President Diana Chapman Walsh get into the spirit; English professor Tim Peltason announces prizewinners. Bottom row, signs acknowledged success of charitable campaign while, at center, the crowd waits to see the jump in the lake.