Nehoiden Staff John Ponti
Golf Superintendent
  Nehoiden staff

Len Poitras
Course Ranger


Nehoiden staff Dan Read
Golf Specialist
  Nehoiden staff Frank Scafati
Course Ranger
Nehoiden staff

John Ehrmanntraut
Grounds Specialist

  Nehoiden staff Bill McQuiggan
Course Ranger


J.Patrick Willoughby
Dir Sustainability, Mgr Nehoiden Golf Club

Nehoiden staff Patrick Rice
Course Ranger
  eric John Olmsted
Mgr Landscape & Motor Pool Ops
Nehoiden staff Bernie Rothwell
Course Ranger
  Nehoiden Staff Susan Chapski
Mgr Golf Office
Nehoiden staff Rick Copland
Course Ranger
  eric Sherry Makerney
PERA Asst Prof of the Practice/Golf
eric Mark Rothwell
Course Ranger

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