Elizabeth Wood Knapp
Economics 1964
Entrepreneur and high-tech pioneer
Elizabeth Wood Knapp
Connie Newman
Biological Science and Spanish 1974
Connie Newman
Dorothy Philips
Economics 1957
Communications expert for the healthcare industry
Mary (Handy) Hevener
Economics and English 1974
Tax lawyer specializing in executive compensation
Mary (Handy) Hevener
Jaynie Studenmund
Economics 1976
Board member and former top operating executive
Jaynie Studenmund
Joan Wallace-Benjamin
Psychology 1975
Nonprofit leader and advocate
Joan Wallace-Benjamin
Laura Gates
Economics 1972
Principal at McKinsey & Company and Museum Administrator
Laura Gates
Leigh Marriner
Economics 1972
Business consultant specializing in emerging technology
Leigh Marriner
Laila Partridge
Studio Arts 1986
Serial entrepreneur and Code On co-founder
Luella Gross Goldberg
Philosophy 1958
Corporate and civic leader
Lulu Chow Wang
English 1966
Founder of Tupelo Capital Management
Manisha Thakor
American Studies 1992
Personal finance expert and author
Nancy Richard Murphy
Political Science 1976
Strategist for organizations shaping the future
Sandy Guthman
Economics 1965
Top IBM marketing executive, CEO of the Polk Bros. Foundation, and civic leader
Tina Georgeou
French and Italian 1974
International advertising executive
Susan Colton Weisel
Economics 2007
Finance manager at Ann Inc.
Sophia Shluger
Economics and Cinema and Media Studies 2005
Vice President at Banco Santander
Shayla Adams
Urban Studies 2008
Teacher and advocate for education accessibility
Olga Vidisheva
Economics 2007
Founder and CEO of Shoptiques.com
Katie Colaneri
English and French 2010
Reporter for NPR affiliate WBGO-FM
Karen Chan
Music and Neuroscience 2006
Scholar studying music and the brain
Josie Noah
Peace and Justice Studies 2005
Director at international philanthropy organization Global Impact
Ellen Huerta
Geosciences 2008
Account manager at Google
Ann Gaffey
Chemistry 2006
Resident in general surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Anjum Asharia
Philosophy 2010
New media coordinator
Eileen Conroy
Political Science and Economics 1975
Marketing and branding expert