Internet Jargon

FirstClass's term for an electronic forum on one or more topics. Conferences may be "closed" (accessible only to certain individuals) or "open" (accessible to the community)

to flame
to send or post a personally rude or insulting message

to lurk
to read messages in a conference but not to participate in the discussion publicly

to spam
to post the same message to multiple conferences or to post advertisements

a website on which an individual regularly posts brief articles, often on a specific topic. Short for "weblog."

software for a type of website that organizes information, articles, and comments on specific topics. A well-known example: Wikipedia.

Uniform Resource Locator is the address of an Internet file. Pronounced "you-are-el", not "erl."


BRB = be right back

BTW = by the way

F2F = face to face

IDK = I don't know

IMHO = in my humble opinion

IMO = in my opinion

J/K or J'K = just kidding

LOL = laugh out loud/lots of laughs

NM or N/M = never mind (or occasionally, not much)

NP or N/P = no problem

OBO = or best offer

OIC = oh I see

RL = real life

ROFL = rolling on floor laughing

TTYL = talk to you later

TTFN = ta-ta for now

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