To compose this amazing small group of alums, we relied on LinkedIn and a little word of mouth. Knowing we couldn’t fit into the film as many folks as we wanted (34,000 or so), we sought a combination where each person represents a different decade of graduation, a different major, and different career pursuits. Budget required that they be in the Greater Boston area, though we hope the universality of the message is clear.

Mia Howard

Mia Howard ’12 was a biological sciences major at Wellesley. As a student, she developed an interest in plants while conducting research in Martina Königer’s lab and working with the horticulturalists in the Botanic Garden. She currently works with Botanic Garden Director Kristina Jones, studying everything from soil nutrients and microbes to organic pest control methods. In her spare time she volunteers teaching horticulture to incarcerated women.

Her Wellesley snow globe would show the Greenhouse, of course! “The best place to be in the winter months.”

Callie Crossley ’73 is an award-winning journalist, producer, and commentator, who currently hosts Under the Radar with Callie Crossley on WGBH, and is a frequent contributor on other local and national media programs. An esteemed speaker, teacher, and academic fellow, she has served on the board of the Wellesley Centers for Women, and received the Alumnae Achievement Award in 2013. She credits Wellesley with helping her get her first job: They never asked or tested whether I could write, she recalls, they just saw “English degree from Wellesley,” and drew their conclusions. Turns out, she could write.

Jill Seaman-Chandler '98 was two-time captain of Blue Basketball, garnering NEWMAC All-Conference, Seven Sisters All-Tournament, and other awards. Since graduating with a degree in history, she has been a coach and small business owner, as well as a member of the Wellesley Friends of Athletics National Committee. Nowadays, when not making Sunday breakfast at home with her family, she works as a school nurse in the Boston area.

Jennifer Ritvo Hughes ’06 is the executive director of the Cantata Singers, a professional chorus and orchestra that specializes in, yes, Bach cantatas, but also music both old and new, including commissioned works. She graduated with a degree in music, and worked as an arts administrator while pursuing an advanced degree in musicology. Of note, the rehearsal pianist in the video is Eliko Akahori, member of Wellesley’s music performance faculty.

Tasneem Chipty ’89 received her B.A. from Wellesley in mathematics and economics followed by a Ph.D. from MIT in economics, and says, “One of the things I have loved about my work is that I am always learning.” As managing principal at Analysis Group, she uses economic analysis and econometrics to help evaluate and answer complex questions in litigation and regulatory work. Learning comes from teaching too: Her career in consulting has been punctuated by academic appointments including as a professor at Ohio State and visiting professor at universities from Osaka to Brandeis and back to MIT.

President H. Kim Bottomly

H. Kim Bottomly is president of Wellesley College. She is a renowned immunologist and has been recognized for her work as a strong proponent of women’s leadership in higher education, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and is frequently quoted as an expert in—and defender of—the benefits of a liberal arts education. Not only that, she is a very good sport, indulging our requests to invade her office with snow globes and funny hats and such.  

Inspired by Wellesley’s iconic campus—she does live and work on campus, after all—she says she “couldn’t pick just one” spot to put inside a snow globe!