Winter snow at Wellesley
Wellesley campus from the sky

Winter + Bubble = Snow Globe

Two themes unite here: Affection for winter at Wellesley and for the Wellesley “Bubble.”

Both of these themes can, in fact, evoke somewhat mixed feelings while one is in the midst of them (consider 12 inches of snow and 12 miles from Boston combined), but in the long run affection wins out. There is no snow so beautiful as a fresh blanket on Severance Green. Add a dazzling winter blue sky, branches outlined in white, and Galen Stone Tower in the background, and you have a literal wonderland. (Winter scenes at Wellesley are always our “most liked” social media posts.)

The value of the “Bubble” becomes clearer with distance. The term implies safety and a remove from the hurly burly, which some may chafe at, but it entails more. Within the bubble is room for reflection and expansion; it is at once a cauldron in which to stir new ideas and a lens with which to intensify focus. And it is the embrace of the College. It lets go as its inhabitants move on, but its effect is with them forever.

As for the snow globe, that kitschy trinket of tourist shops everywhere, it does the job of holding in place and keeping nearby our favorite scenes. And we can control the weather.


We invite you to watch, or re-watch, our year-end greetings from past years. You’ll see an evolution of themes and recurrence of elements over the course of Snowflake 101, Auld Lang Syne, and Winter at Wellesley. Wellesley Snow Globe is just a natural next step.