About the Music

The Wellesley Widows are: Sarah Carlson ’17, Caterina Castellano ’17, Vivien Chen ’18, Julia Chille ’15, Lydia Guterman ’18, Brianna Krong ’15, Jennifer Lyon ’18, Cathleen McGovern ’16, Anjali Sundaram ’18, Rebecca Selch ’17, Bozena Scheidel ’18, Alice Sun ’15, and Lauren Westendorf ’15.

This piece was composed by May-Elise Martinsen ’12 and arranged by her with help from the Wellesley Widows’ Cathleen McGovern. May-Elise also composed the music for Wellesley’s 2011 year-end video. She is a composer, lyricist, and performer currently developing the musical Web series 59 Days in New York

Wellesley gets “under the skin” of all who are once part of its community. For alums, that becomes a lifetime connection and a source of both empowerment and comfort. We ran with that idea for the music and lyrics here, crafting a song that channels Cole Porter-like standards. Within this original melody, however, you can also hear the clear mark of Wellesley tradition—the Stepsinging songs, most notably To Alma Mater and The Wellesley Composite. To these familiar elements the Wellesley Widows add modern vocal percussion and a cappella stylings. The result is music at once familiar and classic, and new and evolving. Like Wellesley.


Wherever I go,
I go with your company.
You are a part, a part of me.

Your woods and lake waters,
The talks we had till three…
They’re in my heart; you are a part of me.

Whichever path I choose,
You’re still inspiring me.
Oh Wellesley, you are a part of me.